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CRAIN is the French Research & Development office which specialises in nautical applications. Created in 1984 and managed by P. PALLU DE LA BARRIERE, CRAIN investigate and carry out successfully :

  • Performance and behaviour prediction of sailing boats
  • Design, computation, hydrodynamic and aerodynamic testing of hull, appendages, sails
  • Structure computation and design
  • Realization of high performances components in composite material
  • Special project or studies management
  • Software development for sailboat design

The company's experience allows it to meet and exceed the most ambitious project expectations with :

  • Efficiency
  • Reactivity
  • Flexibility

CRAIN carries out studies using its own facilities :

Bus de mer (seabus) - La Rochelle

  • Numerical modelisation CFD, VPP, FEA
  • Realisation of composite material components

CRAIN also makes efficient use of its partner's facilities :

  • Tank test and wind tunnel
  • Specific numeric modelisation
  • On board measurement of motion and loads